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"To COBRA Or Not To COBRA" - In this article by Scott Borden, the pros and cons of COBRA insurance coverage are examined and compared to individual health insurance policies...[More]

HSA Toolbox

In addition to the wide variety of HSA resources available on this website, OFM Benefits Consulting has compiled a rich collection of tools that you can use to learn about the benefits of HSAs. To use these tools, all you have to do is click the links below.

Helpful Websites

New consumer-driven healthcare websites are being launched every day. OFM Benefits Consulting is forming partnerships with these organizations to provide more tools for consumers wishing to take control of their healthcare dollars. See below the first of many:

  • ehealthxchange.com - America’s first true online medical marketplace. Designed to enable healthcare consumers to SHOP, COMPARE and BUY services from healthcare providers and physicians...[Learn More]
  • MyHSARewards.com - If you want to grow your Health Savings Account faster and easier, My HSA Rewards is smart and simple because it puts real cash into your HSA from purchases you make every day....[Learn More]

HSA Articles

See below links to several HSA-related articles, written by industry experts, that discuss the advantages of HSAs and how they are changing the health insurance industry.

"Such plans allow businesses and their employees to pay sharply lower premiums and plow the savings into an HSA, rather than give that money to the insurance company month after month"
-- Michael Berry, American Health Value

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