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  • HSA Articles - Written by industry experts, these articles discuss the advantages of HSAs and how they are changing the health insurance industry...[More]
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HSA Resources for Individuals, Companies & Employees

As health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket every year due to an exceedingly flawed healthcare system, more and more individuals and businesses are actively searching for other options. We've found that consumer-driven health plans, specifically health savings accounts with qualified health plans, offer the best solution for the problems plaguing our current healthcare system.

Individual / Family Resources

For individuals and families looking for affordable health insurance options, HSA-qualified health plans offer the best solution by putting you, the consumer, in control of your health care dollars...[More]

Group / Company Resources

The number one concern of businesses today is ever-increasing health insurance costs. We feel your pain (hyperlink to article). You’ve been absorbing most of the premium increases and your employees are enduring higher deductibles and co-pays. We've found that consumer-driven health plans, specifically HSA-qualified health plans, offer the best antidote for these problems and others plaguing our current healthcare system...[More]

Employee Resources

As health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket every year due to an exceedingly flawed healthcare system, your employer has been forced to shift much of the financial burden to you in the form of higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays. Unless your employer is presented with other options, such as HSA-qualified health plans, it will probably happen again...[More]

"Such plans allow businesses and their employees to pay sharply lower premiums and plow the savings into an HSA, rather than give that money to the insurance company month after month"
-- Michael Berry, American Health Value

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