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HSA Seminars & Educational Programs

Since OFM Benefits Consulting has taken a pioneering role in the proliferation of HSAs throughout the Midwest, we have been asked to speak at many conferences and provide HSA training presentations for both large and small groups. These speaking engagements have allowed us to perfect our explanation of HSAs and tailor that explanation to each groups' specific need.

A Tailored Approach

There are significant differences in how people and/or groups can use HSAs. For instance, many consumers who are searching for better health insurance solutions may use HSAs to take control of their healthcare spending. Others may contribute to their HSA accounts as a tax-deductible savings mechanism for their retirement. Companies may implement HSA accounts with HDHP health insurance plans to significantly reduce their skyrocketing premiums.

Since HSAs mean different things to different people, OFM has developed a series of training seminars designed to explain the HSA concept to meet each consumer's need. The lists below outline the topics covered in several of our training presentations.

HSAs for Individuals & Families
  • Health Care “State of the Union” outlining problems with current co-pay based health plans
  • Side-by-side comparisons of traditional vs. HSA-qualified health insurance plans
  • Triple-tax advantages offered only with HSA accounts
HSAs for Small Businesses
  • How HSAs help solve the two biggest concerns of businesses today
  • Side-by-side comparisons of traditional vs. HSA-qualified health insurance plans
  • The right way to HSA (Intelligent plan design + education = success)
HSAs for Large Groups
  • Why HSAs are the fastest growing segment in large group health care today
  • Side-by-side comparisons of traditional vs. HSA qualified health insurance plans
  • The Self-funding HSA advantage
HSAs for Accountants
  • Why every accountant should be recommending HSAs as a tax-saving strategy
  • Triple-tax advantages offered only with HSA accounts
  • Audit-proofing HSAs

If you are interested in scheduling an HSA training seminar for your family, organization or an upcoming conference/event, please click here or contact Scott Borden, Director of Health Services, at 888-293-7923.

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