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"To COBRA Or Not To COBRA" - In this article by Scott Borden, the pros and cons of COBRA insurance coverage are examined and compared to individual health insurance policies...[More]

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OFM Benefits Consulting provides brokerage services for health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and senior healthcare products. As an independent agency, we are not tied into any one insurance carrier. We have the ability to shop all insurance carriers to find the best policies for your specific health and financial situation.

Since health insurance and life insurance carriers look at such factors as location, health, age, height/weight and tobacco use to determine your rates, it is helpful to work with agents who understanding these criteria and are able to match you with the best carrier to meet the needs of your current situation. Click the links below to learn more about our specific service offerings.

Health Insurance

Not all health insurance companies are the same. Not all health insurance policies are the same. Since we focus on a certain type of health insurance (consumer-driven health plans), we typically recommend HSA-qualified, comprehensive major medical policies from top-rated health insurance providers. These health insurance policies offer...[More]

Dental & Vision Insurance

Regardless of the perceived value of dental insurance and vision insurance , when you look at the numbers, they can tell a different story. But, it's still better to have dental insurance and vision insurance plans because they provide discounts on otherwise expensive services....[More]

Life Insurance

Unlike health insurance premiums that are increasing at an alarming rate, life insurance premiums are enjoying significant rate reductions due to improved overall health and increased life expectancy. Because of this, existing policies, especially those more than three years old, should be reviewed to make sure you are not overspending...[More]

Senior Products

OFM’s Senior Division has over 15 years of experience in Medicare-related and Senior products. We specialize in Medicare Supplements, Advantage and special needs plans. Our senior agents are experts in Medicare and provide personalized, individual help in selecting the right plan(s) for your needs...[More]

If you would like help finding affordable health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance or senior healthcare products for your specific situation, click here or
call 888-293-7923.

"...could be the best savings vehicle yet. These are going to be a huge deal. They're like a flex spending account on steroids; they're better than an IRA." -- Linda Stern, Reuters

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